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We are excited to announce this years line up for Rock Out Youth Poverty 2017!


TEDay band is made up of 5 diversely talented musicians from the West Coast. David aka Teddy, Fernando, Steve, Andrew, and Chris are all true-bred Angelinos, some from the suburbs and others from the inner city. Each member brings his own experience and background and that is shown through the band’s unique sound. Their musical influences span a wide spectrum of genres and include, but are not limited to: classic rock, punk rock, blues, and alternative rock. The sound of TEDay truly brings out a little something from each of those genres.

Website: https://www.tedaymusic.com



​​​One of the hottest DANCE cover bands in the LB/OC area, Project-M is comprised  of 5 dedicated, professional musicians with decades of experience. Project-M plays  fun and energetic shows, specializing in "Old School" FUNK, SOUL, and R&B music that'll keep you out of your chair and on the dance floor. Come down, throw it down, and join the DANCE PARTY!!

Website: http://www.projectm-band.com